Hypno-Journeys was born as a way to bring like minded people together to share the life changing process of hypnosis. This fun, interactive group of Journeyers support one another and work together to uplift everyone to higher levels of consciousness. Through discussions and experiential exercises you will discover how easy it is to make those changes that support your goals. All the learnings are reinforced when I guide the group into a relaxing hypnotic journey to discover potentials unique to yourself, and then finally to integrate your wisdom into your daily life in a practical way. It is an affordable and accessible way to try hypnosis and get help and support from me and the group.

It is an evolving process that will soon include online workshops and hypnosis downloads. For those who come to the group, I have a private community on Facebook so you can join the discussions, ask questions, and get support. I will be adding the schedule for the workshops soon. In the meantime if you would like to join us for a workshop or have any question please email me. I would love to hear from you!

Next Workshop Date: April 26th @ 6pm to 8pm in Lancaster, CA
RSVP Now! Address will be emailed to you after you RSVP.

Single Workshop: $25.00 OR
Save $10.00 by purchasing a package of 4!

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